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Battle Of The Industry Giants – Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One And Nokia Lumia 920 Against iPhone 5

The war between the giants has begun!

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the phone called the One which is
created by HTC was able to have a fair share of the competition
against Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 that makes use of the
Windows Phone 8 . We can begin with the Android users – leading
the race for having the greatest number of phone features would
be the Galaxy S4.

There are several things that make this phone model unique
such as Smart Stay, Air Gestures and Pause and Scroll. If they
are not good to your satisfaction how about having humidity
sensor and a barometer!
The biggest sensor and a cool one in an S4 is its camera of 13
megapixel found at the back of the phone.

The S4 can also comewith a chipset called Exynos « Octa core », 
essentially they are two opposing quad-core chips, which can 
switch depending upon the usage however they may  
be available in some markets only like Malaysia iphone 5 buy online.
Battle Of The Industry Giants - Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One And Nokia Lumia 920 Against iPhone 5 Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Vs-HTC-One-X
If you are not an avid fan of the color portrayal that comes
with a Super AMOLED display, you may opt instead to the One from
HTC has the same resolution with the IPS LCD panel. Samsung
may have a weak spot in their phones and this is their build
quality, and this is where the One focuses itself on improving
more. Since you are paying a good amount of cash for your phone
and having a plastic component may be a disappointment to some,
the HTC’s One offers instead an all aluminum body which will
certainly earn everybody’s appreciation. when it comes to the
social networking sites, what works best in sharing pictures is
the 4 Ultra Pixel camera since they are capable of producing
small size images with its low-light capabilities.16413594

Today one of the best phone cameras you can get is the 8.7
megapixel sensor of the Lumia 920 which also comes with an OIS.
The display is also navigable not just with your bare hands but
even a gloves on, you can still get your way through and it also
supports wireless charging just like how an S4 does.
Additionally, there are various bright colour options that you
can choose from, which compliments the sprightly interface of
the Windows Phone. The iPhone 5 may come off second class
comparing it with other available handsets. Nonetheless, it is
still a great work compared to the older models, giving phone
thickness and weight a new definition all its own.

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